Scale Eliminator 10 - Non electric/no chemical scale removal system.

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Suitable for properties with 15mm pipework.

A revolution in water treatment!
No salt
No magnets
No chemicals
No electricity
No waste water
No gimmicks
No scale

All of the benefits from natural mineral water without the scale.

The Scale Eliminator 10 provides most of the benefits associated with a water softener, but without using salt or creating waste water. The water produced maintains the healthy minerals that our bodies need but without the normal problems associated with hard water.
The Scale Eliminator is the perfect solution to those that do not want fully softened water but want to enjoy the benefits of a scale free home.

How does the Scale Eliminator unit work?
An advanced catalytic reaction changes the molecular structure of the scale forming calcium carbonate in your water. The scale protection media used in this unit is the catalyst. The calcium and magnesium minerals in your water attach themselves to the catalyst which then provides a surface within the filter for the minerals to grown as crystals. Once the crystals reach about 1 micron in size the flow of the water flushes them out of the filter and are unable to be left as limescale deposits.

This is the no salt alternative to traditional water softeners.
Offering extensive lime scale prevention throughout your property, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Regarded as one of the most significant advancements in water treatment and scale prevention in the last century. It does not remove or reduce mineral content in the water supply, making it safe to drink from every tap in the house.
Nothing is added to the water and nothing is taken away except limescale.
The small compact design fits easily under the sink and treats the whole house
No more unwanted film on tea and coffee
Removes existing scale and prevents further build-up


The Scale Eliminator 10 creates micro crystals that rinse away,
Does not require any pre or post filtration.
This system is ideal for households with 1/2" (15mm) pipework.
Will not reduce pressure or flow rates.

Operating Data:
Minimum ph level of incoming water ph 6.5
Incoming water should not contain levels of manganese, iron hydrogen, sulphate, mineral oil or free chloride above 3mg/l
Max operating temperature 50C

Max flow rate 23 litres per min


Height 480mm
Width 210mm
The colour of the tank may vary.

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