EMWC Commercial Water Solutions

EMWC Is a leading provider of innovative and high-quality water solutions.Our mission is to provide better water for everyone.
Supplying a wide range of products and services for all sectors across the UK.


Industrial Reverse Osmosis
Industrial Ultra Violet
Water Treatment

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Water Filtration
Water Softeners
Ultra Violet Treatment

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Catering Filtration
Catering Softeners
Calcium Treatment Units

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Drinking Water Taps
Water Softeners
Domestic Reverse Osmosis

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The work we do... 

 we have experience delivering water solutions to customers across all sectors in the UK. Whether your requirement is large or small, we have you covered.
    Iron & manganese 
    Arsenic Treatment
    Bacteria & Virus Treatment
    Nitrate Removal 
    Commercial Water Softening 
    PH Adjustment
    Water Testing

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