Pentair PRF RO Merlin Tankless Reverse Osmosis

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Merlin Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

Can Produce over 2700 litres per day UK.

Requires no pump or Electricity.

Compact design Fits under the sink.

The General Electric MerlinTM Tankless Reverse Osmosis System – the Choice for Highest Purity, Safety and Convenience!
The General Electric MerlinTM Reverse Osmosis System uses NO PUMPS!
The General Electric MerlinTM Reverse Osmosis System is a modern kitchen appliance that has been carefully designed with efficiency, high performance and convenience in mind. Welcome to the world of state-of-the-art technology and intelligent design solutions!
The General Electric MerlinTM Reverse Osmosis System is a reverse osmosis water purifier for installation under the kitchen sink. It combines compact size with high capacity like no other reverse osmosis system it operates without a storage tank. This is what separates it from competing reverse osmosis systems. This unique feature explains its superior performance in many respects. Most importantly, it allows for the ability to provide the purest and safest water available for home use!
Since water is drawn directly from the water mains on demand - it comes out cool, tasty and readily available. Moreover, you will have none of the inconveniences associated with tank storage, such as running out of pure water and the risk of bacteria build-up.
Unbeatable removal of contaminants, high capacity, attractive design, efficient use of intake water and water quality monitoring, are the unique advantages that make The General Electric MerlinTM Tankless Reverse Osmosis System a best choice for many!

The General Electricn MerlinTM Tankless Reverse Osmosis System is a water purifier based on the most effective method of purifying water ‚ reverse osmosis.
A unique reverse osmosis system, able to combine compact design with a direct flow of truly pure water: at least 0.5 U.S. gallons per minute! That's 720 Gallons Per Day!
This product also provides excellent results with regard to purity ‚ close to 99% removal of almost any unwanted and harmful substance.
The General Electric MerlinTM Tankless Reverse Osmosis System is more efficient than other reverse osmosis systems.
Only a single pre-filter and a post-filter needs changing at regular intervals, normally every 6 months.
The General Electric MerlinTM Tankless Reverse Osmosis System is designed to enhance any kitchen with style and functionality.
The General Electric MerlinTM Tankless Reverse Osmosis System is an excellent choice for Aquarium owners.

Height 433 mm
Length 517 mm
Depth 246 mm

Technical specification:
Permeate Flow Rate
Min 1.5 LPM Max 3.78 LPM @ 80F
TDS Rejection
Min 90% Max 99%
Daily production rate
2700 Litres Per Day UK Water

Inlet Pressure:
Min 40 PSI Max 80 PSI

Removal Rates: Sodium 99%, Calcium 99%, Magnesium 99%, Potassium 98%, Iron 99%, Manganese 99&, Aluminium 99%, Ammonium 97%, Copper 99%, Nickel 99%, Zinc 99%, Strontitan 99%, Cadmium 99%, Silver 98%, Mercury 98%, Barium 99%, Chromium 99%, Lead 99%, Chloride 99%, Bicarbonate 98%, Nitrate 97%, Fluoride 98%, Silicate 98%, Phosphate 99%, Chromate 99%, Cyanide 95%, Sulphate 99%, Thiosulfate 99%, Ferro Cyanide 97%, Bromide 98%, Borate 50%, Arsenic 99%, Selenium 99%, Bacteria 99%, Protozoa 99%, Amoebic Cysts 99%, Giardia 99%, Asbestos 99%, Oestrogen 99%, Sediment/Turbidity 99% and Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS) 99%.

This System is not designed to treat the whole property.

To add a 3/4" Female BSP fitting for inlet connection to the supplied 1/2" inlet pipe click options below

To add a 1/2 Female BSP fitting to connect from the 3/8" outlet tube, Ideal if fitting to float valves etc, click options below



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