Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis - RO1500 400gpd

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1514 Litres Per Day Light Commercial
Reverse Osmosis System with 41 litre Tank

Small in size, but big in capacity
This free standing RO system is only 30 inch in height. but it can produce over 1500 Litres per day of pure water

This system is economical and designed for commercial and residential application. Provide safe, pure water. It is suitable for manufacturing, restaurants, food processing industries, shopping centers, schools and hotels.

RO1500 improves both the taste and quality of your water. It reduces up to 99% of the chlorine, as well as objectionable odors and sediment. RO1500 also reduces the following hard water contaminants that may be present in your water: lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium.

41 litre Standards Water Storage Tank With Tank Ball Valve.

FDA Approved Polypropylene Made Flat Cap Housings.

Four high rejection membranes, Each membrane is 100GPD at 100psi.

Build in electrical shut off valve to prevent any damage of the membrane.

Self Piercing Saddle Valve & Feed water quick connector.
Drain Saddle Valve.

1 Year Warranty.

Completely Assembled, 100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation.

Our RO1500 comes complete with a 41 litre water storage tank and all the necessary fittings, installation kits, 1/4" tubing, and a long-reach chrome faucet. All you need is a few household tools. Installation usually takes less than an hour.

RO1500 Specification:

Production: 1500 LPD ( dependant on incoming water pressure, quality and temperature)
Water Tank (Include) : 41 litres.
Operation Pressure : 10 - 125 psi
Available in : 240volt. ( 50 / 60 Hz)
(System & Tank) : 37 kg

(system)- 50.0 (L) x 24.0 (W) x 80.0 (H) cm
(11G Tank) - 39.0 (L) x 39.0 (W) x 47.0 (H) cm

Cartridges Filters include :
20" length 5 micron Spun-polypropylene Sediment Filter.
20" length Granular Activated Carbon Filter.
20" length Block Carbon Filter.
2 pcs x 200GPD TFC membrane.
12" Inline Post Carbon Filters.

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