Legionella Point of Use Shower Filter helps prevent legionnaires disease

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Easy Fit shower filter
Guaranteed to provide water free from legionella and other bacterial contaminators.

The filters are fitted with a unique replaceble filter cartridge, made up of capillary microfiltration membranes containing billions of microscopic pores forming an ultra fine filter to retain bacteria and fungi in the water, resulting in a safe clean water supply for critical point of use applications.

Designed to minimise the risk of infection and ensures patient saftey by providing reliable protection at the last possible moment before patient contact.

Filter is validated for 5 weeks (35 days) of use for bacteria, fungi and cryptosporidium protection.

Ce-marked, state of the art hollow fibre micro filtration membrane providing log 7 (99.99999%) reduction of bacteria.

Ultimate point of use filtration. Membrane located within the filter head to prevent bacterial buildup. All filters are supplied with non return check valves preventing backwards contamination and water discharge during operation and cartridge replacement.

Sterile (gamma radiated) packaging to guarantee product purity after manufacture.

Easy product coding with full tracking and traceability ensures simple maintenance with two water resistant date lables indicating installation and replacement dates as well as a year planner to plot and monitor replacement schedule.

Flow restrictor ensures effective and efficient use.

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