Filter Housing, 10 inch - 3/4 inch port With Bracket & Spanner (H1034)

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This 10 inch, 3/4 inch port model filter housing has many applications in settings such as domestic, catering and small business/ industrial environments. Neat and compact, this filter housing is suitable for use where 22mm pipework has been fitted.
This filter housing is of a heavy duty construction and fitted with a Pressure Release button to enable easy access when changing the filter medium. This model is supplied with a FREE wall mounting bracket which enables the housing to be placed in an optimum working position whilst taking up little space. The mounting bracket also allows the housing to be installed so that removal of the pod (to change the filters) is simple and trouble free.
There is a FREE wall mounting bracket and spanner supplied with this product, which is included in the packaging.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height 315mm
Depth 135mm

*please note, actual product colours may vary from those indicated. This has no impact on product performance.

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