Everpure Claris EVCLM M 3000 EV4339-11 Replacement Cartridge

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For speciality coffee, a certain amount of hardness in the water used is necessary for a pleasant taste and proper extraction of flavour from the coffee bean. However, the minerals in the water can also lead to limescale which can cause serious problems for hot beverage equipment. The challenge is to find a balance between protecting your equipment and preserving the taste and aroma of your coffee.

Claris water filters were designed with this balance in mind. They feature patented DUOBLEND bypass valve technology which allows consistent and precise adjustment of carbonate hardness (alkalinity) allowing you to find the right balance and capture the desired taste whilst still protecting your equipment. The system is unaffected by pressure changes in the feed water supply and is suitable for various flow rates.

The Claris water filter family is a modular filter cartridge system, consisting of a separate multifunctional head and a combination of filter cartridges, all designed for the specific requirements of equipment in the commercial market. Thanks to its compact dimensions and sophisticated multi-valve connection head, the system can be installed and operated almost anywhere (free standing or mounted) in a vertical or horizontal position.

In short, the combination of a 5 stage filtration process (including a solid final stage carbon block filter) with the unique DUOBLEND valve makes the Claris system a new benchmark for the water filter market.

- Chlorine Reduction
- Ion Exchange
- Particulate Reduction
- Pre-filtration
- Scale Control
- Taste & Odour
- Water Softening / Conditioning


Length 426mm
Diameter 95mm
Pressure 2-8 bar
Flow rate 2 Lpm
Temprature 39-86F
Capacity 3000litres @ 180ppm

Please note this is the cartridge only and does not include the connection head unit

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