250 Litre Duplex Commercial Autotrol Softener Flow Rate 10,000 Litres Per Hour (2160)

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Our commercial Duplex water softener range of products are the ideal solution for applications that require consistent water flow.

Whilst one tank performs a regeneration the second tank continues to supply softened water producing unrivalled daily supply.

Duplex softeners use high quality vessels and superior softening resin which reduces the amount of salt needed for regeneration. The units are controlled with a multi-port valve on top of the vessel allowing automatic regeneration at a given time or after a metered quantity of water is used.

A separate brine tank is included which sits next to the vessel.

The Duplex 250
Has two 250 litre resin tanks each capable of producing 41,600 litres of water.


2 x 250 litre resin tanks

Control valve:
Logix 278-764 Meter control

Service flow
Peak 10,000 litres per hour
Max 10,000 litres per hour
Min 1000 litres per hour

Capacity @ 300 ppm CaCO3
41,600 litres per tank

Salt usage per regeneration 37.5 kg

Inlet/outlet connection 2 inch Male BSP
Drain connection 1 1/2 inch hose elbow
operating pressure 20-120 psi
water temperature range 2 - 38 degrees Celsius

Dimensions Per Tank
Height 2130mm
Diameter 610mm

Brine Tank x1

Volume 750 litre
Height 1000 mm
Diameter 1080 mm

Valves supplied with 12 volt in-line wall mounted mains transformer (bare ends for wiring to fused spur).
Peak flow rate based on 40 bed volumes per hour
Higher flow rates may result in some residual hardness.
Salt dosage based on 150 gram per litre using C100E resin.
Capacity based on a conservative 50 gram CaCO3 removal per litre of resin.

Units are supplied unassembled.

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