Kinetico Sumo Non Electric Water Softener

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You Should Buy The Sumo if...

  • Your home or flat has 1-2 bathrooms.
  • Your water hardness is less than 525mg/L.
  • Your home and kitchen has limited space.
  • You are looking for a water softener to remove limescale and hard water.

 General Specification

Type of System: SINGLE tank, non-electric, block salt fed system. 
Dimensions: Height - 495 mm ( 19.5" Approx )
Width -  230 mm ( 9" Approx )
Depth - 470 mm ( 18.5" Approx )
Efficiency: regeneration water volume of 25L with a time of 12mins.
Min/Max Flow Rate: 30 - 40 L/min
Min/Max Pressure: 1-8bar
Salt Usage: 270g per regeneration

Key Features:

      • Small Size: a great single tank softener to fit underneath your kitchen sink.
      • Adjustable Eco Setting & Accurate Regeneration: allows you to set the machine at your water hardness level so it knows exactly how much softened water it can produce before regeneration.
      • Non-Electric & Automatic: no complicated timers or controls needed.
      • Great Efficiency and Fast Regeneration: only takes 12 minutes to regenerate using only 270gr of salt and 20 litres of water.
      • Automatic Regeneration: measures the amount of water that you use and performs regeneration as soon as it reaches its full capacity. It can perform multiple regenerations every day.
      • High Operational Pressure: A pressure range of up to 8 bar can handle both low pressure and high pressure systems in the home.
      • WRAS Approved Product: externally accreditation to verify top Kinetico quality.
      • Easy to Install: Valves can be fitted left or right-handed or to the rear.
      • Easy to Maintain: Once set to your water hardness level, all you need to do is refill the block salt when required.

Water Softener Benefits

        • Removes and prevents limescale. 
        • Prolongs the life of all your home appliances by up to 50%.
        • Protect your heating system and boiler, while increasing the efficiency of your heating system.
        • Less time spent cleaning.
        • Makes your laundry cleaner and softer.
        • Soft water treats eczema and dry skin.
        • Soft water lathers better with soap and is gentle on skin and hair

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