Quick-Stop 12 Scale Eliminator Filter Replacement

Title: Quick-Stop 12 Scale Eliminator Filter Replacement
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Replacement Filter for Quick Stop 12

Quick Stop is a 15” Quick-Twist cartridge for food service applications. A chemical-free scale inhibition technology that utilises Template-Assisted-Crystallisation to effectively inhibit the formation of calcium-carbonate scale.

This cartridge is ideal for applications up to 4 lpm flow. In most cases this cartridge will perform for one year between filter changes.

TAC achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating when tested by an independent laboratory against the German DVGW international protocol for scale prevention.

Reduces maintenance frequency and cost, and extends equipment life. Independently verified efficiency at TDS 1200 and CaC03 500ppm

Protects boilers, steam generators, coffee equipment and R.O. membranes against the formation and accumulation of

calcium-carbonate scale.
No corrosion on valves and solenoids

1/4 turn QT ‘Qwik-Twist’ bayonet cartridge makes changing  the filter quick, easy and sanitary.


Dimensions (cartridge)
Height 444mm
Diameter 102mm
Connections 3/8" Push fittings

Operating Pressure
10 - 125 psi

Service flow 4 lpm

Water Chemistry Limits

PH 6.5 -8.5
Iron, Ferrous 0.3 mg/L
Manganese 0.05 mg/L
Copper 0.3 mg/L
Cold water only

Life span approx. 12 months
*Replacement Filter Only does not include fitting head*

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