540 Complete House System

540 Complete House System: 540 Complete House System (15mm)
Accessories (System 50): No Accessories
Water Filter: No Fluoride Reduction Media
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A combination of two of our bestselling Water Treatment systems. Our System 40 Under sink Three Year Water filter provides pure refreshing filtered water to a separate ceramic disk drinking tap. Our System 50 Limescale eliminator produces Limescale free water throughout the entire property and can easily cope with a five-bedroom house.

System 40

Superior flow rate 40,000 litre capacity

Three Year Life Easy DIY installation.

An East Midlands Water Filter unit removes total chlorine at the point of delivery. Our bestselling System 90 and System 40 filters use higher-grade fittings than the majority of our competitors.
Firstly we use an Opella valve to divert the water to the filter. The Opella valve uses a larger bore cutting tool than that of a saddle clamp, the system that is traditionally used. A saddle clamp creates a pinhole in your pipe and leaves you with an on or off option. It is therefore obvious that if you create a larger area for the water to escape from you get a better flow rate. The Opella valve also has flow control enabling the user to increase or decrease the flow of water until the desired level is achieved (the optimum flow rate is around 2 litres per minute.)

In order to maintain this better flow rate we use a larger bore pipe to the majority of our competitors. Most filter systems use inch pipe whereas we at East midlands Water use 3/8 inch pipe. Again, this allows for a far greater flow of water both in and out of the filter.

All of the connections used on the fittings are Push fit connectors, these require no plumbing experience. Simply push the pipe into the connector and a watertight seal is created.

The fitting of an East Midlands Water Company water filter is particularly efficient at reducing the following substances, when present, from the mains water supply:

Chlorine, taste, odour, trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, aluminium, organic chemicals, oestrogen hormones, lead sediment and Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS). These statistics have been produced by completely independent laboratory reports (available upon request).

We can now add an extra ingredient to the filter media to reduce fluoride levels in your water (see options below) Cooking with filtered water is healthier - vegetables such as carrots and spinach retain 28% more vitamin C and 50% more B2 and other foods like rice, pasta and fish showed a marked improvement in quality. (Good Housekeeping Institute.) Neat and tidy. Sits out of sight under the sink and delivers water to its' own faucet style tap at the touch of a lever. Delivers as much filtered water as you require, instantly. Gone are the days of filling jugs and having to wait.

Sealed ABS plastic cylindrical body.
Silver impregnated activated carbon media.
Push-fit inlet/outlet connectors.
Internal Vion F 10 micron filtration screens.
Advanced multi-stage filtration system.
Maximum working pressure 10bar (140 PSI).
WRAS approved.
Conforms to BS6920.
Designed to be changed every 36 months.

Dimensions 360 x 120 mm.
Warranty 3 years/40,000ltr. 

Italian Tap

Modern design to compliment most kitchen styles Ceramic disk valve Point of use adjustable flow control

Dimensions Height 273mm Reach 130mm Height to end of spout 229mm.

System 50

Remove limescale throughout your property without the need for Chemicals.
Our Limescale Eliminator System 50 will easily treat a Five-bedroom home.

PROBLEMS CREATED BY LIMESCALE Scale in kettles, shower heads, washing machines, dishwashers, irons etc. Central heating inefficient and wasteful. Skin irritation and dull hair. Limescale staining on bathroom suites, tiles and kitchen ware. Poor lathering of soaps and shampoos. Time wasted in descaling and additional cleaning. Fit a System 50 Limescale Eliminator to your rising main and see the benefits in your home, with tomorrow's technology today.

Using low frequency radio waves pioneered by our research and development team, the System 50 generates induction energy which alters the characteristics of the hardness salts. Instead of forming limescale the salts stay in solution and existing scale goes into suspension and is gradually removed from the system, leaving a scale free home at a cost you can afford. The Limescale Eliminator can be fitted onto copper and all plastic pipes.

Removes and prevents limescale, prolonging equipment life. Kinder to skin and hair, better lathering of soaps and shampoos. Reduced maintenance for all water fed appliances including central heating. Low running costs, approximately £3.00 per year.

Complete results for your home without using salts or chemicals of any kind.

Environmentally friendly and a potable water supply.

Can be easily installed by a competent DIY person.

Will Treat a five bedroom property Hermetically sealed in high impact enclosure.
Advanced computerised electronics.
BS 3535 low voltage electrical safety.
Includes 6 volt transformer with 2 meter lead
Compliance with EMC regulations.
EN 55014, EN 50081/1, EN 50082/1.

Dimensions: 180 x 110 x 45mm. Manufactured to CE standards. Warranty - Five-year warranty. Conforms to BS3535

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