Twinplex - Twin Tank Electric Eco Softener

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Twinplex - Dual Tank Electric Next Generation Eco Softener

Next Generation Soft Touch Digital Control

Compact Design

Twin tanks that allowing 24/7 soft water supply

Programmable Hardness set to the exact water hardness in your home

Compact design

Using the latest technology and incorporating the best functionalities of the world‚ most popular domestic and commercial water softeners, East Midlands Water are pleased to offer the latest development in our Eco range of water treatment products.

The Twinplex has been designed to be easy to install and operate whilst allowing soft water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The softener boasts two tanks which are both filled with highly efficient food grade resin allowing each tank to provide 660 litres of pure soft water before requiring regeneration. This softener has been designed to allow one tank to perform a regeneration whilst the other continues to provide the property with soft water meaning an uninterrupted supply.

Unlike traditional electric single tank softeners, the Twinplex has the advantage of a second tank, allowing for regeneration to occur not at a given time, but when the very last drop of hard water has been softened. The Twinplex is also not restricted to one regeneration per day, so can easily cope with the needs of the most demanding households.

Unlike traditional twin tank softeners, the Twinplex is fully programmable so can be set to the exact water hardness in your home. This makes it far more efficient than softeners that only operate within a specific hardness range.

Traditional twin tank units also offer little or no information on how your softener is performing. The Twinplex tells you everything you need to know about performance, including;

which of the tank is in service,

what each tanks remaining capacity is

current flow rate

Daily water usage both actual and average

Total usage since the softener was installed.

During periods when the softener is regenerating, the system even tells you what part of the process its at and which of the tanks are being regenerated. 

5 Year Parts and one year labour Warranty


 Height 460mm

 Width 260mm

 Depth 465mm

 Capacity per tank 660 litres

 Water use per regeneration approx. 37 litres


 Inlet / Outlet 3/4" Bsp Male

 Waste 1/2" Bsp Male


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