Rainwater Harvesting System - 750ltr Wall Tank including filter/collector

Title: Rainwater Harvesting System - 750ltr Wall Tank including filter/collector
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Rainwater Harvesting System - 750ltr Wall Tank including filter/collector

£380.00 Special Limited Price Offer
Choice of Filter Colours 750 Litre Wall tank with 3P rainwater filter/collector A durable premium quality tank for garden rainwater storage. Attractive modern design with a small footprint holding up to 750 litres of filtered (using the system shown) rainwater. Includes a 3/4 inch inset brass connector for one tap attachment. Also two 1 inch brass connectors for interconnecting tanks (connection kit extra) for those of you who have larger than normal water usage or pump (extra) connection. Available in Green, sand, black and Granite effect. Use the options at the bottom of the page to select tank colour Green will be sent unless otherwise specified Wall Tank Features and Dimensions.
Dimensions: 800mm (31.5in) wide x 600mm (20in) deep x 1790mm (71in) height.
1 x 3/4" tap connector
(basic tap supplied)
2 x 3/4" connection points
Weight 40 Kg (empty)
3P Rainwater Filter/Collector. Filters and collects rainwater for higher quality, cleaner garden water. Removes leaves and other detritus thus reducing the risk of disease carry over to your plants. Reduces the long term build up of silt in the bottom of the collection tank. Filtered rainwater is passed into the storage tank via a stainless steel mesh with high efficiency whilst dirt continues into the normal waste system. Acts as an overflow once the storage tank is full (no requirement to create syphon effect). Can be closed off to avoid constant overflow during long periods of rain. Can be installed in downpipes of 68mm to 110mm (adapters included). Available in durable high quality plastic (Black, Granite,White or Dark Brown). Please select from the colour option below. Black connections will be sent unless otherwise specified Material: Polyethylene Supplied with metal retention bracket, hole saw, rubber grommet sealing ring and 3P filter/collector

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