System 50 Limescale Eliminator

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Remove limescale throughout your property without the need for Chemicals.

Limescale is a problem generated by hard water. It will cause you problems such as scale build up your boiler and heating system, kettles, shower heads, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Scale acts as an insulator so you are heating scale on heating elements before you are heating water. This costs YOU money and can be wasting as much as 30% in energy costs. This is in addition to the cost of expensive cleaning products to remove the physical residue of limescale that you see on your taps and shower screen.

Using low frequency radio waves pioneered by our research and development team, the System 50 generates induction energy which alters the characteristics of the hardness salts so that instead of forming hard limescale the mineral salts stay in solution and no longer stick to your pipework and the heating part of your appliances.  Any existing scale goes into suspension and is gradually removed from your system. The limescale eliminator can be fitted onto all pipe materials including  copper and plastic.



The System 50 is a genuine UK product, Made in England, which has been manufactured by East Midlands Water Company in Leicester for over 20 years. This is one of our founding products and is still one of our most popular items with thousands of satisfied customers.
The induction energy created by the System 50 means that just one unit is needed to treat a whole house, you do not need separate units for a boiler or along your pipe; work just one unit will work effectively.


  • Save on energy costs - estimated at 30%
  • simple to fit - no plumbing required
  • hard water problems eliminated - saves money
  • heating systems and appliances live longer
  • fewer cleaning products (kinder to your purse, kinder to the environment)
  • low cost purchase price
  • low annual running costs
  • the whole unit is made in the UK by EMWC
  • tried and tested - over 30 years in production and many happy customers
  • fit and forget - once installed, no maintenance required
  • safe to drink - no salt, no chemicals, no magnets
  • improved efficiency - removes existing limescale
  • less frequent appliance replacement - save more money

Water treated by the System 50 contains soft mineral crystals so you can happily drink the water and retain the healthy minerals for your hair, skin, teeth and bones.
These soft minerals stay in solution so there are no hard mineral deposits, this will prolong the life of your equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers, showers etc.
Over time there is precipitation of older scale into the water and this will increase the efficiency of your central heating system and save you money on your heating bills.

When you have hard limescale deposits around your property dirt can cling to the crystalline scale, like in the toilet bowl! this makes it difficult to properly clean and sterilise your home without using powerful corrosive descalers, when this is changed to soft minerals, which stay in solution, cleaning is easier, more efficient and much less chemicals are needed.

The System 50 comes with a five year warranty as standard.

5 Year Parts
1 Year Labour

SPECIFICATION Will Treat A Five Bedroom Property
Hermetically sealed in high impact enclosure.
Advanced computerised electronics.
Frequency range 1100Hz - 3700Hz BS 3535
low voltage electrical safety.
Includes 9 volt transformer with 2 meter lead
Compliance with EMC regulations. EN 55014, EN 50081/1, EN 50082/1.

DIMENSIONS 180 x 120 x 45mm.
Manufactured to CE standards.
Conforms to BS3535
Warranty - Five year warranty.

Transformer (power supply) lead length is 150cm. Additional transformer extension leads (additional 150cm) are available at extra cost and on special order.

 *In a severe hardwater area we would recommend a water softener for complete elimination of scale*

If you intend fitting the system to pipework larger than 15mm diameter then please select correct size pipe. 

If you need longer wires, please select this option when ordering

For drinking water please add a System 90 to your order for only £120.00

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