Water Block Anti Leak system

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The Aqua-Block is a simple domestic / light industrial anti-flooding water block device with 3/4" BSP connections which can be installed between your building's water supply and a potential source of domestic water leaks (such as a washing machine, dishwasher, water purifier, vending machine, ice maker, etc).

The Aqua-Block is fully mechanical, requiring no electrical power, and has a water-turbine activated by water flowing through it to achieve monitoring. The Aqua-Block monitors water flows above 0.5l/m and so ignores minor water seepage.

Unlike many competitive domestic water shut-off devices, the Aqua-Block does NOT measure the flow time or the water pressure, but monitors the quantity (gallons/litres) of water that is passing through it. The advantage of this is that a very much smaller quantity of water would flow before shutoff occurs (1 gallon/5 litres) and therefore much less damage would be caused.

The Aqua-Block has a simple manual adjustment of between 1 and 10 gallons (5 and 50 litres) of water that would be allowed to flow through it before it shuts off. Reset is achieved by simply pressing the button in the adjustment wheel. Should frequent resets be expected, an optional additional Reset Module is available with an external reset button.

The Aqua-Block will only switch off if the unit is asked to exceed the specified quantity of 'flow' in one burst. It is self-resetting and as such, in the case of a washing machine, will comfortably allow the specified quantity of liquid [say 2 gallons for the longest rinse cycle] through in one go. It will then reset. If it is asked to allow 20 gallons through in one burst, this is deemed to have exceeded the flow limit set by the user (2 gallons in this example) and the system will shut the water supply off...

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