Limescale & Chlorine Reduction Filter With 3 Way Tap & 1 year filters

Title: Limescale & Chlorine Reduction Filter With 3 Way Tap & 1 year filters
Sale price£299.95


Great tasting refreshing clear water on tap.

No need for an additional tap on the sink or work surface

Ideal solution if you have a water softener

Hot Cold or Filtered water from the same Franke style tap

Tea & Coffee look and taste better no scum
Better for cooking maintains more vitamins
No filling and waiting for slow outdated jug systems

Comes complete with the following

1 years supply of water filters
Three Way Hot Cold & Filtered Water Tap
Filter housing unit
Fitting Kit
Easy to follow DIY fitting instructions

Using the latest water filtration technology our under sink water filtration system combines the ease of use and high flow associated with all EMWC water filtration systems together with filtration results only normally associated with the leading jug filter systems.

Our Latest design now produces even better filtration for those that demand crystal clear water with a reduction in the scale forming minerals present in hard water drinking supplies.

Our Brit 500 system reduces hardness and TDS readings.

The Brit 500 also reduces or removes the following

Chlorine ( total )
Organic chemicals
Oestrogen hormones
Perfluorooctane Sulphonate (PFOS)

Each Brit 500 filter will last approximately 3 months or 500 litres

Easy DIY installation.
uses higher-grade fittings than the majority of our competitors. Firstly we use an opella valve to divert the water to the water filter.The opella valve uses a larger bore cutting tool than that of a saddle clamp, the system that is traditionally used.
A saddle clamp creates a pinhole in your pipe and leaves you with an on or off option. It is therefore obvious that if you create a larger area for the water to escape from you get a better flow rate. The opella also has flow control enabling the user to increase or decrease the flow of water until the desired level is achieved (the optimum flow rate is around 2 litres per minute.)

In order to maintain this better flow rate we use a larger bore pipe to the majority of our competitors. Most water filter systems use ¼ inch pipe where as we at East midlands Water use 3/8 inch pipe. Again this allows for a far greater flow of water both in and out of the water filter.
All of the connections used on the fittings are
Push fit connectors, these require no plumbing experience.
Simply push the pipe into the connector and a watertight
seal is created.

Cooking with filtered water is healthier - vegetables such as carrots and spinach retain 28% more vitamin C and 50% more B2 and other foods like rice, pasta and fish showed a marked improvement in quality. (Good Housekeeping Institute.)

Neat and tidy. Sits out of sight under the sink and delivers water to its' own faucet style tap at the touch of a lever.

Delivers as much filtered water as you require, instantly. Gone are the days of filling water filter jugs and having to wait.


Ceramic Disk Quarter turn tap (can be upgraded to a Three way tap )

Height 273mm
Reach 130mm
Height to end of spout 229mm

cut out 33mm Tap diameter 50mm

Filter Housing

Heavy duty VFM Housing Unit

Height 10 inches
diameter 2.5 Inches

Carbon resin mix
Lifespan 500 Litres or 3 Months


(This tap may not be suitable for some low pressure gravity feed systems).

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