Whole House filter BT65 Inch Head

Whole House filter BT65 Inch Head: No Fluoride Reduction Media
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Enjoy pure filtered water from every tap in the house, Chlorine & Chloramine free bathing 1,350,000-litre capacity.

Why have a whole house water filter? When you pay a water company for your water they have an obligation to provide you with water which is treated to a certain standard, it has been cleaned and disinfected and then sent on its merry way through many miles of water pipes until it reaches your home, one of the ways in which the water is treated is via chlorination, this can sometimes be detected in the water and can smell, ‚like a swimming pool & later can also come into contact with impurities on its journey to your home, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, nitrates, heavy metals such as lead or copper it can also contain traces of hormones or antibiotics which have been not been removed during water treatment, it can also contain trihalomethanes which are environmental pollutants and chloramines from the disinfection process. All of these pollutants can result in water that tastes bad, smells bad and can cause irritation and problems with skin, hair and digestion.

So what is the solution? To purify your water by using a high quality whole house filtration unit such as the BT65, that will remove all of the impurities in the water leaving you with pure, fresh, natural water throughout your whole property.

Benefits of using the BT65 superior quality whole house filter: Most people do not realise that they are slightly dehydrated, some symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and digestion problems can be caused by being constantly slightly dehydrated, this can occur because on a subconscious level you know that your water does not taste very good and so you do not drink enough water throughout the day, when you fit a superior quality filter such as the BT65 the pure filtered water will taste so good that you will find your self and your family drinking more water and not having to use cordials to mask the taste of the unfiltered water, this will result in rehydration and can alleviate the symptoms of dehydration, it is also great for your skin, we say, 2 litres a day helps keep the wrinkles at bay!

The BT65 can also help with some skin problems related to chlorine sensitivity and those with delicate skin such as babies, the pure filtered water does not contain any harsh chemicals and so is mild and gentle on the skin and hair, due to the removal of chlorine it can also alleviate the green tinge that can sometimes occur with highlighted hair.

The BT65 is a superior grade whole house filter which negates the need for several filters in line due to the quality of carbon used and the unique double riser water circulation system. We use a coconut carbon of the highest grade, this extremely fine powdered carbon creates a massive surface area which allows a greater contact time with the water allowing the filter to remove more impurities than other systems whilst at the same time maintaining the flow of water. In fact 450 g of our activated carbon contains a surface area of approximately 100 acres, within the BT65 there are 12500 grams of carbon so approximately 2,770 acres or 1385 football fields of carbon, the carbon is silver impregnated which creates a sealed bacteriostatic unit.

The filter is positioned on the rising main and filters all the water entering the property, as the water enters the filter is comes into contact with the double riser tube system which channels the water to the bottom of the filter through a 10 micron pre filtration layer, the water is then allowed to enter the carbon chamber in a controlled fan motion which means that instead of the water finding its own direct route it is forced to use all of the media available, increasing the surface area and alleviating air pockets forming, it then goes through a final filtration layer before entering the property as pure filtered water.

Whole House Filter is easily installed by any DIY enthusiast or Plumber.

The Filter removes/reduces the following substances, when present, from the mains water supply: taste, odour, chlorine, Chloramines, trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, aluminium, organic chemicals, lead, sediment, hormones , such as Oestrogen, heavy metals.

Enjoy the benefits of pure refreshing filtered water from every tap in the house not only for drinking but also for bathing.

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