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Introducing the Prosoft 120XE Water Softener by Monarch – your key to enjoying the benefits of soft, luxurious water in your home! Whether you're a household of one or nine, this exceptional water softener is designed to meet your needs, ensuring efficiency, convenience, and Monarch's renowned quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Perfect for homes with 1-9 occupants.
  • Ideal for homes with 3-5 bathrooms.
  • The epitome of efficiency in electric water softening.
  • Crafted by Monarch Water Softeners, a name you can trust.
  • Pro-Brining technology for optimized performance.
  • Regenerates only the resin that's been used, reducing waste.
  • High flow rates with minimal pressure drops for unparalleled performance.

Prosoft 120XE Water Softener Features:

  • Impressive flow rate of 78L/min – enjoy ample soft water.
  • Generous soft water capacity: 2880 litres.
  • Operates flawlessly within a pressure range of 1.4-5 Bar.
  • Includes a handy salt alarm.
  • WRAS approved for peace of mind.
  • Packed with advanced technology for your convenience.
  • Designed for minimal water and salt usage, saving you money.
  • Experience low pressure drops for consistent water flow.
  • Uses only 1.68-2.4kg of salt per regenerate

Upgrade your water quality and enjoy the luxurious feeling of soft water every day with the Prosoft 120XE Water Softener by Monarch. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your home into a haven of pure, soft water. Order yours now!

5 Year Parts 1 Year Labour Warranty

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