Tap Water

Tap water is usually supplied from your municipal water provider (Severn Trent, Anglia Water, Thames Water etc). This water has been purified and disinfected then filtered and sterilised before it makes its way from the water purification plant to your house. This water transport network is old and suffers from contamination from the lead pipes that carries it and chemicals that leak into it.  A common misconception is that this water has fallen as rainwater before its purified enough for you to drink. Wrong. Much of the water that comes to our houses is being reused - that's basically dirty water that gets cleaned up (sometimes as many as 17 times!). It could also come from below the ground from aquifers or from bore holes. Either way, our 'drinking water' from our kitchen tap is not as clean as we think!

Bottled Water

If you enjoy drinking bottled water you may be thinking that this water is purer than ordinary tap water. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Many types of bottled water are marketed with labels that give the impression that they are healthy and actually better for you than water from your tap. In many cases this water is actually filtered tap water and is a very expensive way to drink water.

Bottled water sold in the UK can only make certain claims about being a natural mineral water or a spring water if it has come from an underground source and is bottled in the location. The water may or may not have certain minerals in it. You need to check each bottled water company to find out what's in and what's out.

Much of the bottled water sold in supermarkets is literally filtered tap water, nothing more. Even with minor filtering to remove particles doesn't mean that the water is any better than the water that comes from your tap. Taking this a little further, water that is sold as 'flavoured' or has additives that are perceived as beneficial to health do not have to meet any specific requirements in terms of regulations.  This water is nothing more than flavoured filtered tap water - charged at a premium.

Jug Filter Water

Filter water jugs are a relatively expensive way of filtering water, costing nearly as much as a premium brand of bottled water but without the mineral benefits. Filter water jugs will cut down the amount of limescale and chlorine in tap water.

East Midlands Water Under Sink Water Filter (System 40)

 So how do you obtain and drink water that is much cleaner and purer than our tap or bottled water, giving you all the health benefits of drinking purer water AND not spending the earth to get it?

The answer is simple. Fit an EMWC Under Sink water filter. The most convenient and cost effective solution to drinking and using filtered water in your house. An under sink filter will offer you simplicity, convenience and most importantly, will not break the bank.

An EMWC Under Sink System 40 water filter will give you three years of pure filtered water on tap, at your kitchen sink (or 40,000 litres of water) whichever is soonest. This is enough drinking water for all the family, all the glasses of water you will need, refill after refill. Enough pure filtered water to give to pents, to cook with and even use to water household plants and flowers...

ALL FOR JUST 27P PER DAY with no additional transport costs (bottling plant to consumer) or using environment damaging plastic bottles.

Cost savings compared to buying bottled water or Brita type filters;

EMWC Under Sink System 40 Water filter = £0.27 per day

Evian bottled water (1.5 litre bulk buy) = £15.84 per day*

Bottled table water (Tesco still water 2 litre bottles, bulk buy) = £6.30 per day*

Brita filter jug water (Marella jug with cartridges) = £15.48 per day*

*Bottled and Brita costs calculated using a well known supermarket on-line shopping site, with best possible price options.