Rising prices, high bills and not sure how else you can save money?

UK media coverage is fully of suggestions on how to save money to help everyone cope with rising prices, particularly energy costs.

We are reminded to ensure that pipework is well insulated and that hot water tanks are lagged; that boiler servicing is up to date in order for them to work efficiently - but have you thought about the inside of your pipework, boiler and other appliances?

If you live in a hard water area you will be very much aware of the effect that limescale has on your shower screens, your taps, bathrooms and kitchen areas and the amount of time (and cleaning products) you need to keep limescale staining at bay.                      

What you might not have thought of is the damage it does to the inside of your pipes, heating system, washing machine and dishwasher?

Did you spend time researching the most energy efficient appliances, including your boiler?  All new modern condensing boilers are required by law to achieve a 92%  efficiency. They are then categorised with an A rating. However, over time, if you have hard water, this rating will fall drastically. The limescale in your water will build up and as scale acts as an insulator, your A rated boiler will have to work harder than ever - heating the scale before it can heat the water.  You use more gas or oil and you have to run more water for longer in order to get it hot. It will gradually get worse, year by year.  Eventually the heat exchanger becomes so furred up, you will lose heat and water pressure and your boiler will need to be repaired.

Unless the issue of hard water is addressed your problems will continue. Your boiler and appliances will still fur up unless they use water that is limescale free.


All this is costing you money. Money to heat furred up heating elements and money for repairs or replacements.

Limescale doesn’t limit itself to just pipework and boilers. It coats heating elements in washing machines and dishwashers. If you have a kettle, you will know how frequently you have to descale it in order to keep your     water clear.

When your appliances are coated on the inside with limescale you are paying to heat the limescale before you are heating your water. By removing the limescale you will reduce your heating bills and improve the    efficiency of your appliances.

You might have previously considered ways of eliminating limescale from your home and the most common way is to install a water softener. Having a good quality water softener is a very efficient way to escape the nightmare that living with limescale turns into. However, its not always possible to install a softener. It could be that your house plumbing arrangement makes it impossible; or that you share your rising main with other households. It might be that the cost of a softener is a real barrier.

 All is not lost though, you can still enjoy the benefits of softer water….


Have a look at a product called a scale eliminator. They are simple to install, need no plumbing and are economical and efficient to run.

What is a scale eliminator?

A scale eliminator is a simple device. It consists of a computer controlled unit and a set of wires that are wrapped around you incoming mains pipe (or as near as possible to it).  One unit will be sufficient to cover a whole house. They are also sometimes referred to as a water conditioning unit. They are available in various   sizes to suit all applications from small households to commercial applications.

How does a scale eliminator work?

They use low frequency radio waves to alter the characteristics of water. Instead of the limescale forming on your pipework and inside your appliances, the minerals stay in solution and simply float by. Your water doesn’t become soft – because the calcium and magnesium are both still present but the limescale is literally held in suspension and isn’t able to cause damage to your appliances

The other benefit of a scale eliminator is that existing scale will start to loosen once your scale eliminator is fitted


 Benefits of a scale eliminator

  • Save on energy costs - estimated at 30%
  • Simple to fit - no plumbing required
  • Hard water problems eliminated - saves money
  • Heating systems and appliances live much longer
  • Fewer cleaning products (kinder to your purse, kinder to the environment)
  • Low cost purchase price
  • Low annual running costs
  • The whole unit is made in the UK by East Midlands Water Company
  • Tried and tested unit - over 30 years in production with many happy customers
  • Once purchased, no additional extras (no salt required)
  • A truly eco friendly unit; no waste, low power consumption, low carbon footprint
  • Fit and forget. Once the unit is installed, it needs no maintenance.
  • Safe to drink, no salt, no chemicals, no magnets
  • Improved efficiency - removes existing limescale
  • Less frequent appliance replacement - save more money.