Ultra Compact Water Softener

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The Smallest Automatic Softener in the UK

Meter Controlled Water Softener
Once installed and set up our water softener automatically performs a regeneration and supplies the entire property with softened water. It has the added benefit of being able to use either block, tablet or granular water softener salt, however we recommend the use of tablet salt with this unit.

The Autotrol head that controls this softener has proved to be one of the best selling valves for a number of years. The easy to follow programming allows different hardness settings to be stored together with an intelligent meter system that learns from your water consumption, makes this a very efficient machine.

All EMWC Water Softeners have a minimum 5 year warranty - at no extra cost. Because of its proven reliability, your EMWC water softener will have a five-year parts and one year labour warranty. This, alongside our proven track record for producing highly reliable equipment, has established us as one of the UK's most successful and popular water softener companies.

Our Meter range works by measuring the amount of water used and then regenerating accordingly. If you have guests or your requirements increase, then the softener will regenerate more frequently (Self-Protect Programme.) Alternatively, if you go away, you can set the machine to the default setting to regenerate when you return. As our meter models regenerate only when necessary, they are ideal for settings with varying demand. The amount of salt and water can be reduced by as much as 50% compared to timer models.

An EMWC Water Softener is very efficient in water use. It uses over 50% less water than a conventional softener during regeneration.


Depth 530mm
Height 445mm
Width 225mm

Solvent free - food grade resin. There's something very special about an EMWC Water Softener, something that is unique and gives both incomparable performance and specification. The secret is in the resin that determines the quality of your soft water. All EMWC Water Softeners incorporate a resin that has been specially purified for household use. It is both food grade and free from chlorinated solvents (solvent free). No other manufacturer can offer you this level of specification. So whether you bathe in it, shower in it, wash your hair in it, wash your clothes, or simply brush your teeth with it, the water from your EMWC Water Softener will not only be lovely and soft, but solvent free.
The Ultra Compact Softener uses a high capacity resin which allows for larger volumes of soft water to be produced before requiring regeneration. This new resin technology also allows much higher flow rates than any of our previous high flow systems. This new development means we are able to offer a very compact water softener with capacity and flow rates that are the envy of much larger machines.

Please note: The colour of cabinets may vary

May not be suitable for high pressure or high flow systems

5 Year Parts 1 Labour Warranty

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