300 Litres per hour Industrial RO System

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High Specification 300 litre per hour Industrial Reverse osmosis system

Complete with base frame for wall or floor mounting.

Typically 97% salt removal and 75% permeate recovery

Special inlet filter with 5 micron filter cartridge and pressure gauge, High pressure pump, single phase rotary-vane type, high performance wound modules with PA/PS composite membranes in GRP pressure vessels with liner. Valves and instruments including solenoid inlet valve, feed pressure switch, permeate and concentrate flow meter, vibration resistant pressure gauges for pump pressure, valves for for adjustment of permeate and concentrate flow rate.

Stainless Steel base frame suitable for mounting on the wall or floor
Inlet filter with 5 micron cartridge
High pressure pump rotary vane type
Spiral wound elements (TFC-PA)
GRP Housing with in-liner

Inlet solenoid valve
Feed Water pressure switch
Permeate and concentrate flow meter
Vibration resistant pressure gauge for pump
Stainless Steel for adjustment of permeate and concentrate flow

2 digit alphanumeric display
for regular process information

Permeate conductivity
Forced stop
Full tank

Malfunction signal
Low pressure
High conductivity
Hard water

Operation & Disinfection

Inputs (low voltage) options
Level control with one or two float switches
Hardness monitoring unit
Shutdown via external signal

Softening unit
DDC (collective malfunction signal on floating changeover contact)

Systems are designed for a maximum TDS of 1000ppm, a temperature of 15¬?C and a maximum fouling index of 3. Under these conditions, the units still reach design permeate flow after 3 years. Permeate recovery depends on raw water quality and flow rate. The unit is also designed to operate on municipally treated water. For ground water sources please provide a full analysis to ensure compatibility of this system. A water softening system will also be required.


Permeate flow 300 litres per hour
Min salt rejection 97%
Recovery 75%
Operating pressure 10 bar
Membrane 4040 x 1
Min/Max feed water temperature 5 - 35¬?C
Max ambient temperature 40¬?C
PH Range 3-11
Conductivity range (permeate) μS.CM-1

Feed Connection 1" 1D
Permeate/concentrate connection 3/8 bsp
Voltage/Frequency 230/50 V/Hz
Motor power .55KW
Protection IP54
Connecting cable 3 Meter with 16A-6 h CEE pole plug

Height 151cm
Width 50cm
Depth 32 cm
Weight approx 56kg

This product is manufactured to order and has an approx 28 day lead time

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