Industrial Reverse Osmosis System ROC1500

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High recovery rate up to 75% (reuses 75% of its wastewater!)
4700 litres daily production
2 x HF4 2540 Membranes (Industrial standard)

Our system offers full control of your water supply with systems that monitor incoming flow and pressure rates, re circ flow and TDS meter

Our commercial system is ideal for the following applications:

Window washing
Plating water Recovery
Green house watering systems
R & D Laboratories
Small- Scale DI plants
Restaurant glass washing
point of use drinking water

Technical Information

Depth 19"
Width 23"
Height 46"

Champ Vessels
HF4 extra-low pressure membranes
Fluid-O-tech brass rotary vane pump
Corrosion-ressistant aluminium frame
Large diameter 5 Micron Sediment pre Filter
High Capacity Carbon Block Pre Filter
2 x 0-160 psi filter pressure gauge
1 x 0-300 Psi System pressure gauge
Low-pressure switch
Inlet solenoid valve
Manual flush valve
Manual on/off switch
Permeate flow meter
Concentrate flow meter
Panel -mounted permeate TDS Meter
Float Switch

Minimum feed pressure 35 psi (2.5 bar)
Operating pressure 100psi (6.9 bar)
Maximum hardness 200ppm as CACO3
Maximum TDS 2000 PPM
PH range 3-11
Feed connection 3/4"
Permeate Connection 3/8"
Concentrate Connection 3/8"
Maximum temperature 40.5 C (104.9 F)

A pre water softening system is recommended for for hardness figures above 150ppm as CACO3

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